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Rotor Damping Systems for the particleboard  and MDF processes.

It is now common practice for reconstituted wood panel producers to spray the surface of MDF, 
Particleboard and MDF Door-skin mats with a water and release agent solution.

Increased production rate

Reduced pre-cure

Improved surface density, finish, and paintability

 Improved board properties

as the ideal unit for mat spraying the top and bottom fibre or particle mat surfaces.
Application occurs by specially designed  spray disks  (or rotors) which rotate at high speed and are supplied with the desired liquid quantity.
The rotor disks produce a uniform flow of microscopically small droplets. Adjustable slide openings regulate the spray fans which seamlessly border each other .
The rate is not only constant and uniform across the fibre or particle mat but is automatically proportional to the production line speed.

We are experienced with the mat spray process and can offer experienced advice on all aspects of the mat spray process


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