Caul Plates
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Quality press caul plates at very affordable prices.




Design and textures
Our press caul plates are to suit all budgets and with short delivery times.

New plates.
Thickness normally 5mm thickness for short cycle lamination and 3mm for multi-opening presses.
Press plates are hard chrome faced

Refurbishment.  Plates requiring refurbishment, be it for the reapplication of gloss levels or repair to mechanical damage such as scratches or dents, need to be returned to the factory. Once back in the factory, the plates are cleaned to remove any melamine particles or dirt from the surface. After dechroming, repair to physical defects, repolishing and rechroming, the plates are thoroughly inspected before being returned to the customer.

Retextured. This involves grinding off the existing texture completely and applying a new texture in the same way as with a brand new plate. This can be the same texture as before or a different texture entirely, according to the customerís requirement.
The management system is sophisticated in Huamei. We passed the ISO 9001 in 2000 . ISO


Passed  ISO 9001 in 2000 . ISO 14001 in 2009 and SGS in 2010,