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Welcome to E&P Würtz &Co GmbH

Würtz formulates and supplies release agents, wetting agents, catalysts and other specialised additives to the reconstituted wood based panel and panel lamination industries. Würtz's 50 years of success  is from a broad base of knowledge and experience.

For a more detailed examination of services please refer to  the Würtz website: http://www.mitechps.com/bd14866_2.gif


You can depend on   Würtz for:


Expertise in consultation and development  


Reliability in Production  


Strength in Service  


Partner-focus in working relationships


Impregnation and Lamination

Wetting agents, release agents, catalysts and a wide range of other additives and special products for impregnation and lamination.

Chipboard & Fiberboard

For the production of chipboards and fiberboards, a multitude of PAT® release agents is available. Depending on production processes and individual circumstances, we offer products that can be applied to material to be pressed or that can be used to treat the press plates and press bands.

Over the years
Würtz has created products that not only ensure trouble-free production but also help to optimise additional properties of the produced boards.

PAT® release agents are environmentally friendly, completely biodegradable products and cause no harm at later thermal utilization of the plates.

Special Products

Hydrophobation Agents
As a natural resource, wood and wood products tend to absorb water quite easily. Everywhere, where water absorption is unwanted, our PAT® hydrophobation agents are used


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